Above and beyond

MacysBigLast week, the Nosy Parker family sent a gift to one of my longtime best friends in honor of her upcoming marriage. I was super excited for her to receive the gift as I found something I thought she’d really love and that beautifully coordinates with her chosen wedding theme!

After some investigating, we discovered that the postal service LOST the package! Unfortunately, when I reported it undelivered and missing today, there didn’t seem to be much hope. They said they’d get back to me by the middle of next week, but they claim to have delivered the package already. We decided it would be best to reorder the gift before it was no longer available.

I called Macy’s customer service. They found our original order, helped us reorder, and went above and beyond to fix a problem they didn’t create! Not only did Macy’s expedite and waive shipping costs, they kindly gave us a discount on our reorder, and included a gift box at no charge! Macy’s was much nicer than the postal service about the whole situation and actually apologized (even though it was clearly not their fault at all). I was blown away by their level of service.

Today’s #OneGoodThing is the unexpected above-and-beyond service from Macy’s.

Day 22 of 366.



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