Magnificent mint chocolate cupcakes 

Mint Chocolate Chip CupcakesI guess we’re easily suggestible, but watching the kids bake incredible cupcakes on Master Chef Jr. last night sparked an old, unfulfilled craving. So when I noticed this glorious 4-pack of cupcakes calling out to me in the market, I couldn’t resist.

These delicious beauties were made by Rubicon Bakers, a Bay Area bakery with a social mission supporting people who need a second chance. Using quality, all-natural ingredients, Rubicon has several varieties. But as a mint chocolate addict, this was an easy choice.

Rubicon Bakers cupcakesWe’ve long been cupcake fans and would consider ourselves aficionados — both as cupcake shop customers and as a home baker. So it’s no joke when I tell you Rubicon’s Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes are the best cupcakes we’ve ever enjoyed! We licked the cupcake paper. We licked our fingers. And after we enjoy the last 2 cupcakes tomorrow, we’ll lick the container. We could not stop going crazy over these delights, constantly making involuntary, appreciative noises as we savored each bite. They have the perfect frosting-to-cake ratio, and they aren’t overly sicky sweet or stiff. The mint was creamy, smooth and fresh and I told Mama I’d happily drown in a vat of it. The chocolate cake was perfectly moist and held up the frosting beautifully. We simply can’t recommend these enough! Then you factor in the great price and the social cause, and we’re in love.

Today’s #OneGoodThing was enjoying these magnificent mint chocolate chip cupcakes with Mama.

Day 48 of 365.

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