Creative backyard shade complete

Oasis under the shade

The massive project of creating shade in our backyard was finally finished today.

After winds destroyed our EZ-Up Shade Tent last fall, I knew I had to design a creative shade solution for our backyard this year. I brainstormed, researched, and sourced everything needed to create shade using the existing structures.

How did I create 20′ by 10′ of shade? First, I affixed stainless steel anchors every two feet along the roof lines of the garage and the shed. Then, I strung a stainless steel cable back and forth between these anchors to create a “ceiling” that holds up the shade cloth over the yard. We used an 87% Green Knitted Shade Cloth with brass grommets every two feet along the edges, which we used to secure the cloth with bungees to the anchors and zip ties to the cables. I also attached solar twinkle lights to the cables; these beauties come on automatically each night and make for a magical atmosphere.

Shade cloth strung from shed to garage

I had nearly completed the shade project in April, but a late season storm struck and destroyed all my work. I was absolutely heartbroken and didn’t know how I’d possibly do it again. Thankfully, our friend Bernadette’s kind and talented contractor husband Brad came over and repaired the part of the garage that was ripped down in the storm. We are so grateful for his help!!! He even put the cable back up for us and said he loved my shade design idea!

Shade in progress – cable strung up on side of garage

Yesterday we re-strung all the lights; we were super pleased with our handiwork, but we could barely move afterwards. Today we hauled the shade cloth back up into the sky and secured it on top of the cable — no easy job! We got to enjoy the late afternoon in our backyard, when it is typically too hot. We love the cool ambiance of the green-tinted shade; it feels perfectly beach-like!

Today’s #OneGoodThing is our creative backyard shade solution reconstructed and completed! Paisley decided to photobomb my shade pics! Can you find her?

Day 148 of 365. And Day 514 in a row!

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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