For you, me, and Mama

For the last two years, I have written about #OneGoodThing every day. It started as a New Year’s resolution, but it’s become a ritual in the Nosy Parker home. Mama and I start by talking about the options.

#OneGoodThing is truly a family affair. Abby and Paisley, our beloved Bostons, have made frequent appearances. And my amazing, adorable Mama, who is often featured, also reads the post each night before I hit publish, except when she’s not well enough. Those nights always feel a bit sad writing without her. So for Mama, I continue.

I know we’ve got a few loyal readers, but I often feel a bit like I’m sending these posts out into the void. I am so grateful to my top two commenters: Yvonne and Alyssa! I think of you both as I write each day. I’m humbled to have readers from all around the world, and I love that we can all share the good in our lives. Still, I was surprised when a colleague from the beginning of my career in journalism wrote to me recently. Radio legend Dave Williams, who I worked with at KNX 1070 Newsradio in Los Angeles many years ago, has been reading this blog and featured me in a lovely write-up on his site, Saturday Morning Joe! So for all of you wonderful readers out there, I continue.

There are still plenty of days I wish I didn’t write about #OneGoodThing. Persistently positive thinking isn’t easy, even after two years. Besides my role as a solo caregiver for Mama, I struggle with my own health, suffering from chronic migraines, Crohn’s disease, Pernicious Anemia and Fibromyalgia. Many days are clouded with pain and it is a challenge to focus on what is good. These struggles only remind me why it is so important to continue seeking out #OneGoodThing in each day. Sharing it with you gives me accountability. It would be so easy to skip it on rough days. But that’s the point of doing it. And so for me, I continue.

Today’s #OneGoodThing is continuing to seek out and write about #OneGoodThing each day for a third year! And once again, I promise to limit any repetition to the best of my abilities. Thank you for joining me! I hope to keep this year interesting!

Day 1 of 365. And Day 732 in a row (here’s the first 366 & the following 365)!

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments! Also, dear readers, I’d love to know where you’re from!


  1. Flomama salutes you both! My dearest Papa, who died of cancer at age 63, once sent me a bouquet of flowers (delivered by a local florist) after he and I had talked on the phone and I had cried about being so sad in my marriage. The card that accompanied the basket of flowers states simply, “The sun is always shining.” My old boyfriend (who proposed marriage and I declined) had a favorite saying: “Life is nothing but a shit sandwich and we take a bite everyday.” No wonder I declined! I prefer Papa’s encouragement!

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  2. […] Today’s #OneGoodThing was (pretty much) completing the next step in getting our garden bed in top shape and ready for planting! Mama and I enjoyed talking about what our garden will be like this summer and we’re really excited! Thanks again to Laura and David for building us this beautiful planter box raised high enough for Mama to be able to sit along the edge and participate in gardening! […]


  3. […] Today’s #OneGoodThing was this gorgeous haircut that feels so fresh and clean! I love how this style frames my face; Matthew is a true artist with hair and I adore visiting with him! If you’re in Santa Rosa, you’ve got to let him work his magic on you! He’s now at Ritual Salon, a few doors down from Sift Dessert Bar (drool!). […]


  4. […] Today’s #OneGoodThing was going to the farmers’ market and bringing home this beautiful, tasty sampling of apricots, apri-plums, and cherries. Mama and I adore summer fruit, and today’s bounty was heavenly! Plus, we loved getting to see our friends at the market — lots of smiles and hugs all around! […]


  5. […] Today’s #OneGoodThing was finding a fantastic new chiropractor! Both Mama and I loved Dr. Christina Dumbadse’s approach and adjustment style. Mama’s range of motion improved after one adjustment. I can’t wait for my appointment next week! Special thanks to our awesome neighbor and friend, Ti, who recommended this chiropractic office. […]


  6. […] Today’s #OneGoodThing is nearly finishing packing for our next big adventure! What’s your favorite memory in Venice? All recommendations welcome! Frequent travelers, if you’ve got a tip/gadget/product recommendation that makes travel easier or more comfortable, please share! Lastly, can anyone please tell me if Vodafone is our only/best option to get a cheap Italian cell phone with an Italian number? […]


  7. […] Today’s #OneGoodThing was a very Italian evening in Venice with Mama! Bonus #OneGoodThing: At the end of the night, I scoped out our neighborhood in Castello a bit more on my own, to see the best path for Mama. Our new friend Jonny, of Trattoria da Jonny, just across the canal from us, showed me the best shops to buy fresh produce, focaccia, wine, and more, in our neighborhood! Many thanks Jonny!!! […]


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