Venice Highlight Reel

After receiving a terminal diagnosis for my dear Mama‘s brain cancer, we decided a family trip to our beloved Venice could no longer wait. Setting aside previous hopes and plans to move there, we settled for a month-long trip, rented an apartment and took more than 8,000 photographs. [Don’t worry; I’ve whittled this album down to just some of our favorites playing on an automatic slideshow below.] Though the word ‘amazing’ is much overused, it may never have applied more than to Venice’s spectacular views, divine dishes and magnanimous people. We hope you enjoy these favorite photos from our very special trip. Many thanks to everyone who helped make it possible!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

8 replies

  1. So beautiful – I had a comment for each one, so decided just to comment overall. I can’t believe you managed to narrow it down to just these few, but they are fabulous. Full of light and love and romance! So glad you had this chance, and so glad you’ll have a lifetime of memories of it.


    • Oh Julie, that’s so sweet. I’m trying to figure out a better way to display these so that it’s possible to comment on singular photos, plus to add videos (just having some technical difficulties). But I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos. I loved taking them and I’ve been eager to share them!


  2. I too am in love with Venice, and I can see the joy in your two beautiful faces. So lad I was at the bon voyage celebration and now to catch up with you again. Beautiful photos, G and
    fun for me to visit this magnificent city again through your eyes. Thanks, Wendy



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