Appreciating solitude

Needing and appreciating solitude doesn’t change how much I love my mama and feel honored to be her caregiver. Much like a tired mom, I too need a break. That’s […]

A badass reminder

Before leaving for Palm Springs, I sent myself a care package filled with Benny’s food (too heavy for my suitcase). Mama tucked this card inside the box before it was […]

Puzzling to relax

Puzzling has regained popularity in our home since last fall when Mama’s neuro-oncologist reminded us it is an excellent brain exercise. But as such, I haven’t been participating at all, […]

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My Colon Cancer: semicolon, not full stop

When life gives you cancer, make a punctuation pun. Life as a cancer thriver, by Jenessa Schwartz.

my nyc photography

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