San Francisco Bay Area

Full-circle treats

When I was a kid, mama always used to take me out for ice cream after I had to get bloodwork. Now that I’m her caregiver, I like to return […]

No. 51 down

Today was my 51st immune-suppressing infusion to treat Crohn’s Disease. I am beyond exhausted and glad it is done. Benny was excellent and helped me through the ordeal. Today’s #OneGoodThing […]

Mama’s new puzzle

During our appointment with Mama’s neuro-oncologist last week, she recommended Mama do puzzles as an excellent brain exercise. We found this interesting 300-piece, cat-asleep-on-a-bookshelf design online and it arrived the […]

Exciting stable news

After an MRI earlier this week, we just got the news that Mama’s rare brain cancer, Anaplastic Hemangiopericytoma, remains stable! We were concerned after increased cognitive and short-term memory difficulties […]