Santa Rosa

Cone of flowers

Our Crepe Myrtle trees are bursting into bloom, the branches weighed down by these glorious cones of flowers. The brilliant pink blossoms brighten our front yard and bring us endless […]

A pizza reward

After helping Mama with a calendaring project that required intricate cutting and gluing, our big reward was ordering pizza delivery for dinner! Our food was delayed a very long time, […]

Manicure Monday

We needed a boost today so we went out for manicures at our new favorite salon. Ever curious about whatever we’re doing, our sweet Paisley photobombed our nails picture. Today’s […]

The final touches

These stunning red roses arrived at our house today. It’s our second year getting these beauties delivered by Neve Farms. Cut and placed in ribbon-wrapped mason jars, they’re perfect centerpieces […]