Hello world

I’m the Nosy Parker and here’s a little glimpse of me.

I’m in my late twenties, I’m Jewish and I grew up in Santa Cruz, Calif., a beautiful and funky beach town in the South Bay where my family still lives. I was an editor/writer and project manager at The San Francisco Chronicle for a couple of years; I’ve worked in TV and Radio; and now I freelance. I have an adorably sweet little dog named Abby and we live near Lake Merritt. And I’m a proud USC alumna with the license plate holder to prove it.

Ok, that’s the basics. Here’s the real me:

I love forensics crime shows with good characters with a strong sense of integrity (caveat: I don’t like to watch them alone at night); but I hate horror films or anything too graphic.

I hate brussel sprouts, asparagus, cilantro and any tasteless fruit or veggie (I grew up going to farmers’ markets). I can’t seem to get enough pears, tomatoes (juicy and ripe), seedless green grapes (juicy, sweet and cold), summer fruits and my “Crow’s Nest” salad. I also love anything chocolate and/or mint.

I love to travel, but I hate to be away (thank you Jakob Martin for this beautiful line from your song).

I love to cook and bake for the people I love; but sometimes I just want to order take-out.

I love my little dog Abby with all my heart; but I try to be firm in my doggie parenting.

I love a good morning yoga class or walk at the beach; and I especially love a fabulous brunch; but I truly believe that weekends are best spent sleeping in or with a good book and a mug of chai.

I love my special stilettos better than any other heels – they simply make me feel good and the Nike Air technology makes them wearable. I also deeply love and feel great in my flip-flops and a pair of jeans.

I love my iPhone; and sometimes I worry that I’m addicted to technology – particularly Google and Facebook (they’re my weaknesses).

I do my own manicures and pedicures. People think it’s ‘cause I’m thrifty. In reality, I prefer my own work and I’m thrifty.

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