Lil’ Nosy Parker Travel Favorites

Abby ♥ Santa Cruz (Photo Credit: Gabriana)

We all have our favorite must-have products. My beloved sweet Abby, a 5-year-old rescued Boston Bull Pug, who’s a natural Lil’ Nosy Parker with miraculous healing powers, is no different. Here are a few of our favorite things to enhance your human-dog bond and create ease on your travels…

Making Kisses Sweeter
Abby, bless her heart doesn’t bark, bite or chew, but she loves to lick. This would perhaps be less of a problem, if it weren’t for her horrible breath! We tried many different treats, preferring to stick to the most natural or organic products made in the U.S. (locally, if possible). Hands down, the winner was Ark Naturals Breath-less Brushless Toothpaste.

Photo Credit: Ark Naturals

We LOVE Ark Naturals all-natural wellness and remedy products for pets. There are three sizes for these treats, but the big ones work the best (they’re $18.95 online, but stores tend to mark them up several dollars). To be honest, I can’t always afford these treats, and I notice a huge difference in Abby’s breath and teeth cleanliness. Anyway, part of what is so wonderful about these treats is that they’re two-fold ― the outside has ridges that scrub the teeth and the inside has the toothpaste to clean and protect (see picture). Each of these are great on their own, but together they make the ultimate dogie-breath-freshener. My Boston, with a delicate digestive system, loves these fabulous treats; they’re easy to chew, easy to digest, made of natural ingredients, and they actually work!

Daily Conveniences

Photo Credit: Bamboo Pet

There are 3 small items I’ve got attached to an awesome (think pink, dog-bone-shaped) carabiner clip hooked onto Abby’s leash for daily handiness: a collapsible water bowl, a container of poop bags and a mini hand sanitizer. There are plenty of portable water/food bowls, but I much prefer Bamboo Pet’s Silicone collapsible version, (rather than the oilcloth-fabric bowls, which I found to leak if left for shy dogs to drink on their own time); they’re also eco-friendly, odorless and non-toxic. This portable, lightweight bowl dries quickly, folds flat (fits in your pocket) and makes hydration on the go easy. It also cleans easily and doesn’t attract mold ― something that can’t be said for all portable water bowls. When it comes to a poop-bag dispenser, let style be your guide, as long as the bags are easy to access and it isn’t too huge/bulky! After all, you’re picking up poop… so pick something you like.

Break Less Wind

Photo Credit: Bark Stix

Bostons and Pugs have a special affinity for clearing a room (Embarrassing confession: Abby likes to snuggle her rump against you, drop a major stink-bomb and then scamper off with a ‘Who me?’ look). Of course, finding the right diet for your pup is an important factor in aiding digestion and decreasing gas. Nevertheless, finding the right treat to keep the air clean is crucial. I feel good about giving these Bark Stix Fart Busters treats (pictured right) to Abby because they’re quality, natural products (plus ‘green’-manufactured locally) and Abby just loves them ― oh yeah, and they work! Here’s what Bark Stix says about their Fart Busters treats:

‘This all meat chicken treat is made from whole Free Range chicken with a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes that can aid digestion and help with those ‘aromatic’ moments that come between dog and guardian. Like all of our treats they are manufactured in our facility in Northern California. The chickens are locally sourced from small farmers and raised without the use of antibiotics or animal by-products and are fed a vegetarian diet.’

Travel Like a Pro

Photo Credit: Pet Naturals

Abby has service dog tags and goes everywhere with us so it is important to make sure she’s well behaved and respectful. (We got truly lucky when I rescued Abby 2.5 years ago; she loves people and rarely makes a sound, which makes her adept at travel.) To ensure a relaxing journey, here are our top 3 favorite natural calming supplements with which we’ve found success with (and Abby likes): Pet Naturals Calming Treats, Pet Rescue Remedy, or Ark Naturals Happy Traveler (Abby has taken this all-natural, herbal calming formula, though the company more recently debuted the soft chews).

I-GO-2’s 5-in-1 Pet Carrier & Colors

When traveling, I also usually give Abby one of my old baby blankets with a spritz of lavender spray, which I also use to freshen her carrier for a more relaxing trip. We’ve tried several different carriers with varying levels of success. I was seriously starting to feel like Goldilocks when I finally discovered I-GO-2’s 5-in-1 Pet Carrier, a pet tote, car seat, shoulder carrier, carrier that can be rolled behind you and a backpack all in one! It seems they may have finally thought of everything as this versatile bag features a telescoping handle, removable pad for easy washing, security tether, and wheel covers to keep your tush and your car clean. The company offers a few different style options and colors in sizes designed for dogs of different weights, one of which was recently on a fantastic sale at Abby’s latest multi-functional carrier (for our big Mama’s Last Wish Trip to Venice, Italy) arrived this week and put all of her other carriers to shame! We decided to go with all black and perhaps add a bit of character of our own (stay tuned for pictures).

Everlasting Treat Ball

Keeping your dog busy en route is also important. Abby LOVES small Everlasting Treat Balls, a treat and a toy in one ― seriously, I’ve never seen her go at something like that before (almost as funny as her eating a carrot like a rabbit)!

A Side Note on Dogs in Clothing…

Abby loves her pink hoodie

On a side note, I used to be totally against clothing on dogs. I also used to have a Bordeuax Mastif who would have looked ridiculous in clothing and certainly never needed it in California. I now have a small dog with short hair who gets cold, even in the mild Bay Area weather. I asked the vet why she shivered; the doc said ‘get her a sweater.’ Granted, that was in San Francisco, but still. I gave in; Abby loved it and tries to climb back into her warm clothes. Seriously. She’s hilarious.

Disclaimer: I’m no vet. I also have received no compensation from these companies. I’m simply sharing products loved by my Lil’ Nosy Parker and me!

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