A Frenzy, Then a Pause

Perhaps you noticed several Nosy Parker Blog posts in a row followed by a small silence… one night when I couldn’t sleep in Venice, I wrote 10 drafts that had been mulling around my brain. Then it was Mama’s birthday and then we traveled home! Not to worry though as the Nosy Parker in Venice posts will continue despite our return to California.

We’re battling some heavy duty jet lag after 26+ mostly miserable hours of travel; and we’re going through serious withdrawal from our beloved Venice, Italy and the Venetian family we built. Today I ventured out into the world to pick up fresh produce (oh SEEDLESS grapes, I’ve missed you), along with local offerings of our favorite Italian cheeses, crackers, wine and gelato — a full attempt to keep Italy alive at home, at least in our kitchen!

We’re full of 3 a.m. giggles as we recount stories from the trip and unpack our suitcases. We’re sleeping at bizarre hours and eating even more randomly, but we’re both working on blog posts about our adventures in Venice, Italy.

Upcoming Nosy Parker Blog posts (plus photos!) include:
Video of Mama Jude’s 70th Birthday Ride Down the Gran Canal
Venice from Abby’s Perspective… Lil’ Nosy Parker In Italy
Video from a Gondola Ride
Our Beloved Campiello del Remer
Plus, Adventures in Murano, Verona and More!

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  1. Here in Costa Mesa, after 4 wonderful months in the Santa Cruz mtns, I have literally shed tears of sadness and am feeling huge withdrawal, too. WAAAAH! UGH! So, Dear Ones…welcome home?


  2. Good, I’ll be looking for them, and depending on the time of day, there’ll be a cup of coffee or a glass of vino at my side. (But not where I can tip it over and cause lots of drama!)


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