Why I’m Voting for Obama

Obama Cupcakes

I’m going against everything I was taught in journalism school (about keeping one’s political leanings private) and I’m flat out telling you I’m voting to re-elect President Barack Obama. I’m praying you will too. Why, you ask? Well, yes, I’ve been disappointed on some fronts (and secretly agree with the comedian who urged the president to get in touch with his inner angry black man), but overall I think he’s made a lot of progress, despite Republican lawmakers constant attempts to block everything he tries to accomplish. Am I personally better off than I was four years ago when I last voted for Obama ― no (but my situation is complicated). But that’s ok. Things aren’t perfect, but I’m grateful for the direction in which we’re moving. Among the many reasons I’m voting for President Obama, here’s what matters to me:

Sill waiting on health care…

That’s right. I’m one of the many Americans WITHOUT health care coverage. It’s not like I didn’t try…I got denied due to my severe chronic migraines. Simply because I received a prescription for a migraine medication, I was denied any individual coverage and told I’d only qualify for a group plan through an employer. My employer at the time did not offer a group plan and I was left without insurance. I am eagerly waiting for Obamacare to take effect so that I can finally see a doctor!

Women for Romney is an oxymoron…

As a woman, I also feel strongly that the government has no right to legislate my body. It’s mine. Any decisions about it are between me and my doctor (if I had one). Seriously. If you can’t even say the word vagina, you should not be legislating it. I’m also horrified that anyone could think rape is legitimate. You have got to be kidding me. Besides women’s medical issues, equal pay is another big women’s issue that I trust President Obama to support. Can you imagine him trying to explain otherwise to Michele? Yeah right!

I’m a firm believer in tolerance and acceptance. It is clear that President Obama truly is the president of all Americans ― one who will fight for equal rights for everyone ― no matter the race, religion, sexuality, gender, etc.

Plus, I care about seniors…

I am a caregiver for an ailing parent, after all. If it weren’t for Medicare, my mother’s brain surgery, radiation treatments and hospital stays would have bankrupted our family.

After many, many years working full-time as the sole breadwinner in our house (oh yes, the horror… a single mother who received NO child support), my mother now receives social security. She paid into the system and earned her right to collect this benefit… aka NOT a freeloader.

The student loan bubble burst…

Like many of my peers, I’m drowning in student loan debt. I made the decision to invest in my future, but I wasn’t counting on the economy tanking while my student loans ballooned out of proportion. I earned scholarships and worked all through college, but I also needed to take out student loans to help cover the tuition and books. I now make rent-sized monthly payments, but it feels like drops in an ocean. I’m hoping the federal government won’t forget that graduates in the last decade need help too!

Impromptu Celebrations in Union Square when Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election


No matter who you vote for, it’s important to remember to vote ― election day is today, Tuesday, November 6th. I urge you to join me in voting to re-elect President Obama. Obama for America… moving our country forward! Four more years… and then Michele 2016!?!

5 replies

  1. Hi Gabriana,

    In your particular case, you don’t have too many options.

    For the USA as a whole, Hussein is ruining the country. Yes, immediate gratifications might be nice, but not on the expense of the tomorrow.

    In europe I see the healthcare at work like you would want to see it.

    You have to understand why in the UK its a failure. In Belgium, Holland great. And so forth.

    Just paying the less fortunate without proper plan leads the country to the gallows.

    Don’t forget Israel, the country we are all welcome when the moslem cancer takes over…

    In the usa its only felt certain areas, in europe things look grim.

    Obama will probably win with the current events, so you don’t need to worry.

    Otherwise hope all is good with the 3 of you.


  2. I disagree with Alex’s statement that the UK healthcare system is a failure. The NHS is amazing! Free or heavily subsidised healthcare for everyone. There are admittedly problems with long waiting lists and out of date facilities in some places, but those in the most need get operations and treatments as quickly as possible. To be able to access a family doctor or hospital whenever you need to, without fear of being turned away, or worrying about the cost is an amazing thing to be treasured. The unemployed get free dental treatment, free medication. Seniors and people with long term, medication dependant conditions don’t pay for their drugs at all. I would like to see that for everyone. So many of my US friends have told me that they cannot afford to see a doctor, whereas I can ring up on a morning, and see a doctor for free a few hours later. It’s brilliant, and despite the infrastructure problems, I think we have one of the finest and fairest healthcare systems in the world.



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