Glassblowing at its Finest

Mattia explaining his father’s work

On our first trip to Murano, we enjoyed watching the art of glass sculpting. The next morning we returned to Murano for a private tour at a glassblowing company called Salvadore. This all came together during a chance meeting of Mattia Salvadore when he was briefly the owner of the boat docked against our apartment‘s wee terrace onto the Grand Canal.

…and demonstrating

We called Mattia when we arrived at the vaporetto (water bus) stop near the lighthouse on Murano and a nice young man from the factory was sent to collect us. We got to meet Mattia’s father, the wonderful artist and glass master Davide, and watch the team ― including Mattia’s brother and mother, and an American couple collaborating with Davide on a project ― working with the glass. Mattia showed us all around the gallery and the factory while giving vivid descriptions and demonstrations on how each piece of art was created. Part of why this tour was so special is because this factory is actually closed to the public!

This photo collage features some of my favorite shots from the tour… (clockwise from left) Close-up of one of Davide’s gallery pieces; Group shot of Davide, me, Mattia, Mama Jude and More Diane; Intricate glass turtles; Mattia’s brother working with the glowing, hot glass; Mama in the gallery; a crate of delicately blown, colorful glass cups (we brought a couple of these back home and are loving enjoying wine from them).

Besides the fascinating tour and spectacular works, we really enjoyed getting to meet the whole Salvadore family. Davide, the glass legend, gave Mama Jude a hug and conspiratorially told her that his boys were really the best thing he ever did, not his glass work. Both sons had worked there as young boys, but then pursued other careers before returning to work with the glass. It’s a hard job, they explained. And dangerous too!

It was a privilege and an honor to be allowed this glimpse into the world of glassworking master Davide Salvadore. Thank you.

Please also read more about our Venetian adventures on Mama Jude’s blog.

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