A San Francisco Chanukah

Happy Chanukah! Tonight is the fourth night of the festival of lights.

San Francisco Chanukah

Check out the side-by-side Chinese cuisine across the street. Oh how I miss you, San Francisco.
I took this colorful holiday photo from my apartment window several years ago. I lived in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset, a wonderful neighborhood filled with excellent and inexpensive restaurants of all kinds, plus little shops, cafes and bars all next to Golden Gate Park. The downside to this particular apartment? Perhaps you can see in the photo… the N-Judah streetcar clanks noisily past this same window. Ahhh city living. Streetcar noise I don’t miss.
I almost forgot! Perhaps you’re wondering about the side-by-side Chinese restaurants? Yes, I tried them both, though I preferred Nan King Road Bistro over Andy’s Chinese Cuisine. My favorite move was to order take-out from each of their menus and enjoy it at home. The best was Nan King Road Bistro’s Raspberry Mango Chicken. I ordered it at least once a week. Seriously. I was a regular. I went to say goodbye when I moved away. It was sad.
Wherever you may be in the world… Happy 4th night of Chanukah! And a happy festive season to all!

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