Steps into the canal

Steps into the canalI love the different colors and textures in this photo. Each step reminds me of an archaeological descent into the canal. The top white (marble?) step is the street along which I’m walking. The next one is wet making it a bit darker, while the other two are covered in differing mosses. The red boat just seemed to complement it all in such a perfectly, beautifully Venetian way.

For the Venetophiles, this photo is taken on the Fondamenta d. Mendicanti, alongside the hospital, which I scoped out just in case.

3 replies

  1. I think the white stone you would have seen all over Venice, is Istrian stone. There is a layer or 2 of it below the buildings of Venice, topping the million of tree trunks that were pounded into the mud to form the foundations on which to build. What a city!



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