Our Venetian Respite

Mama and friends in LRHere you see Mama sitting with two of her Venetian friends in our apartment’s living room. The doorway to the left led to Mama’s Balcony onto Grand Canalbedroom, and to the right led to the front door, kitchen and rest of the apartment. We carefully selected this wonderful apartment because of Mama’s limitations and needs, and we were so grateful to have such a wonderful home base to rest and appreciate this magical city. There were days when Mama was unable to go out and explore Venice and it was amazing to be able to experience Venice inside our home like this. The next photo is the little balcony/patio onto the Grand Canal where I was standing when I took the photo above. This was such a restful, yet vibrant and amazing place to be. Mama and I each have canvas enlargements of this magical view in our bedrooms.

Here’s what our apartment’s living room and dining room space looked like from the inside. This photo is taken from my favorite perch. The dining room area is behind the twin chairs facing you below.Our apartment inside In the afternoon, shadows from the Grand Canal would dance across the entire room, reflecting onto the ceiling as well. Here you can see just a hint of that.

Next is a series showcasing the view. If only I had figured out how to get the panoramic shot to work. Alas, you’ll have to just imagine the photos strung together. First, look left at the Rialto Bridge.Look left (DR window in foreground) The black metal bars on the left side are our dining room windows!

I love the way the sun glints off the gondola’s ferro symbol in this next photo, taken looking straight out from our living room. The black metal bars on the left side of the next photo are the gate onto our little balcony/patio."Our boat"

Now turn your head a bit more to the right to see the spectacular view continue… see the Rialto Market in the distant right? This is a lovely time of day for a gondola ride.View from balcony

Today was a day of respite in our home as the stress of Mama’s next MRI this week is wearing on us. Days like today, we picture ourselves in our Venetian respite. Home.

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