Mama’s previous Venetian apartment

Mama's previous apartmentHere Mama is standing outside the front door of her previous apartment. It was a wonderful place and Mama has become good friends with her landlady. (We weren’t able to stay there for our trip due to the many winding stairs and Mama’s limitations from the brain cancer.)

On the day we happened to stop by, new tenants were moving in and we were lucky enough to get a peek inside! Two canals intersected at a T right in front of her lovely apartment. It was fun to Skype with her during that trip and to look out and see the canal traffic. Here’s what the canals intersecting looked like from street level (looking down the vertical part of the T)Canals intersect outside Mama's previous apartment

And here’s what it looked like looking down one canal from the apartment’s patio…View from Mama's previous apartment

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  1. This is where I first heard the gondoliers calling “oi-ee” to warn each other to avoid crashing. Before I knew what that call meant, I just knew that I’d hear these strange shouts eery now and then while I was sitting on my terrace. It reminds me of how I’ve become accustomed to hearing pigeons cooing outside my window in California.


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