A double gelato day

Mama loves Mela Verde gelatoYesterday was a double gelato day. It wasn’t the plan; it just happened. And who’s to say no to gelato in Italia?

We started out looking for Gelateria Mela Verde on our first night after a recommendation from our apartment’s manager Grazia (who told us that she doesn’t like gelato, but when she eats it, she goes there). It turned out to be rather close, but it was closed by the time we found it the first time so we ventured back earlier on our second day. It was FANTASTIC!!! We tried the lemon, basil, mint flavor (the basil was very subtle and this was incredibly refreshing!) and the pistachio flavor on botton (which was creamier than I expected and just lovely!). We met some lovely people from North Carolina while slurping these down on the side of the street.

Fresh ravioli

Fresh ravioli (8 is cook time)

We then conquered a few little errands such as the ATM, buying fresh produce at a little stand in the Campo S. Maria Formosa, and then picking up fresh ravioli and a couple food items at a shop on the way back home. We had just enough time to drop our goodies back off at home before nearly racing to catch a shuttle boat to the Hilton on Giudecca to join some new friends we’d met the day before (also from the San Francisco Bay Area) for a happy hour. The boat filled just before we were to step on, so we walked to the nearly vaporeto (water bus) stop. We’re used to pushy crowds, but we were still shocked at having to fight for the last outside seat with the extremely rude young woman who had literally just shoved Mama aside to claim it for herself and her husband. The situation was only made worse by the jerk who then started shouting at me that I was a bully for standing up for my mother.

Luckily, we were able to put that nastiness behind us and enjoy a walk down Giudecca with some other Bay Area travelers we’d met who also missed the shuttle. Then we found Cindy and John at the happy hour and had a great visit with lots of laughter! We got to see the magical view from their room and checked out the rooftop lounge before heading back to Venice for our second gelato of the day!

This time we searched for a gelateria called Fantasy, which was recommended by a young Italian waitress at a little restaurant near our apartment. We were thrilled to find it — and to find it open (having checked online and found that it would close before we could get there). I had their mint chip (a lifelong favorite for me) and what could only be described as Death by Chocolate. They were excellent. Though I admit I preferred Mela Verde in the morning!

The jet lag has hit us hard this trip and we mostly took it easy today, but here’s a short video of the street view from inside our apartment’s intricate wrought iron window. Great people-watching…

Please also check out Mama’s blog to follow our adventures and see her beautiful watercolors! And, of course, please share your stories, thoughts and encouragement in the Comments sections of our blogs — we LOVE hearing from you!!!!

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  1. Lothi

    I am so happy for the two of you to be back in your beloved city, and wish you the best to enjoy !

    Is your apartment on Salizzada San Lio ! In 2101, I went so many times through Campo Santa Maria Formosa, and stopped sometimes for a glass of wine!


    • Thanks Lorraine!! Our apartment is on Salizada San Antonin in the Castello district. Last year we were in the Campiello del Remer in the Canneregio district. We are close to the Campo Santa Maria Formosa though. That’s where our closest ATM seems to be, as well as a lovely produce stand 🙂



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