Everyday sweetness from the Lil’ Nosy Parker

IMG_2056Six years ago today, I adopted my best friend from a rescue group in San Francisco. Her name is Abby and she’s a Bug dog (mostly Boston Terrier with a little Pug mixed in), we think. Since she’s a rescue dog, we don’t know exactly her breed or her age. Abby is one of the sweetest, most caring and cuddly creatures ever and she brings joy to all around her. Even on our most challenging days, Abby manages to make us smile and laugh. She loves to cuddle and burrow into blankets. She never barks, but is incredibly expressive. With just a flick of her head and a meaningful glance of her big bug eyes, she lets us know when she’s ready to eat, go outside, cuddle, etc. And we, her humans (and Nosy Parker family), are simply besotted.

So, today’s #OneGoodThing is the Lil’ Nosy Parker, our dog ABBY! Happy birthday Abby!

Special thanks to Wonder Dog Rescue for bringing her into our lives. If you’d like to see more of Abby, check her out on Instagram as AbbyTheBoston (Abby was filling her humans’ social media feeds so now she gets her own social media account).

Day 2 of 366.

44 thoughts on “Everyday sweetness from the Lil’ Nosy Parker

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