Fire and 5 Layers No Longer Needed

FireplaceAs much as I love sitting around a fire (and I’m grateful that we have a fireplace), I’m so happy that I don’t have to build a fire to keep us warm anymore. Today’s #OneGoodThing is our heater being fixed!

We no longer need to wear 5+ layers, a hat and gloves, and keep a fire going to keep warm in our home. And we won’t require hot water bottles in our beds to make it through the cold nights anymore! Luckily, we haven’t had snow, but it has been freezing. It’s much colder than we are used to and it’s been quite an adjustment.

Thankfully, 6 days before the heater broke, we had a half cord of wood delivered and stacked by the back door. And the day the heater broke, Mama and I had just picked up super-soft fleece robes on sale at Costco. Without the wood and robes, we would have been in real trouble. The universe was watching out for us and I’m so grateful.

Our heater first broke about a week and a half before Christmas. Not great timing, but, in accordance with Murphy’s Law, stuff only seems to break in our house on or around a holiday. The repair company was delayed in fixing it — and then there was even greater delay in ordering a necessary part. Not cool. But our repair guy, Jeff, was great and even lent us a space heater. The best part was that, in the end, the manager, Jonathan, kindly agreed to give us a nice discount on the repair work. So a big thank you to Moore Heating in Santa Rosa!

Today’s #OneGoodThing is our heater being fixed at a discount!

Day 7 of 366.

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