Helping a Friend

mina biz card for blog

Business card designed for a friend (details omitted for privacy)

Several months ago, I had to go to the Emergency Room. I couldn’t drive myself there, but it wasn’t bad enough to use an ambulance. Mama is no longer able to drive and so we were in a pickle. When absolutely necessary, I’ve taken a cab or Uber to the ER before, but it’s not ideal. In my experience, the destination tends to freak out the driver. So I was incredibly grateful when our good friend Mina gave us a ride. She stayed with us until I was all checked in and even picked up a nice sandwich for Mama.

Ever since, I had hoped to think of a meaningful way to repay Mina’s kindness to our family. On Friday, she mentioned to me that she wanted to make business cards for herself to further her business. She wanted a simple design, but she didn’t have the resources to make it herself. Having them made professionally was going to cost $180 because of the design costs, and her friend who could help her for less lives several hours away.

So here’s what I did. I surprised her with a text this afternoon. It included a mock-up of her new business card that I’d created for her and asked if she had any edits! Mina thought it looked great and so I emailed her the completed template ready to print at low cost. She just texted me that she’s getting them printed tomorrow!

Even though it was a small thing, it was nice to be able to help a friend in a meaningful way. I’d have been happy to help Mina with this project even if she hadn’t driven me to the ER, but I was especially grateful to be able to repay her kindness in some way.

If you live in the Santa Rosa area and are looking for an experienced and trustworthy home/office cleaner, we’d be happy to recommend Mina!

Today’s #OneGoodThing is helping a friend!

Day 9 of 366.

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