An Energetically Bright Spirit


Betty and Mama (Jude)

Today I had the pleasure of going to lunch with Mama and our friend Betty, who is related to Mama’s college roommate.

Betty is an artist and former pilot, and she’s lived an incredible life. She’s filled with wisdom and wit, but not a lick of judgment. Her spirit is so vivacious that you’d never guess she’s 95!

Betty is a treasure trove of great stories. Today she told us about her adventures visiting the White House many years ago. “I remember her pink coat,” she recalled fondly, speaking about First Lady Jackie Kennedy.


Betty’s tin man

Visiting with Betty is always fun as she shares her latest art finds and creations with us. Today we got to see this adorable tin man on her patio (see photo). And I always love to visit her beautiful Sarena Mann sculptures hanging in her home.

When I told Betty about my #OneGoodThing project, she said I had plenty more than one good thing each day. And the truth is she’s right. Despite every challenge, I am grateful for the family and friends in my life. I am grateful that I have a warm home, food to eat, and the ability to care for my dear Mama and our sweet dog every day. Yet this project has really been good for me personally. It’s been a good way to force myself to focus on the positive in each day, and it’s been a good way to force myself to write each day.

Today’s #OneGoodThing is an Energetically Bright Spirit. Thank you Betty.

Day 20 of 366.


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  1. “… she said I had plenty more than one good thing each day.” While this is true, you are trying to mention one new and different good thing every day. You cannot say that having friends and family around you is a good thing every day, as you and your followers would soon get bored. So kudos to you and I hope you can keep it up. You made it extra difficult for yourself by choosing a leap year to do it in ☺.



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