Pacing on a Project


An organized drawer!

Today’s #OneGoodThing is a lesson I keep having to learn again and again: Pacing. As in, pacing myself.

Here’s what I mean… the Nosy Parker family moved a little more than a year ago and we still aren’t finished unpacking. After settling in, we unpacked boxes based on the most immediate needs. This worked at first, but we quickly ran out of room to unpack anything more. This led to treasure hunts in the garage when something important was missing. It also led to designing/installing closet organization systems to maximize space.

Ultimately, the project goals are to finish unpacking boxes, find the rest of our missing treasures (where are you hiding Shel Silverstein poetry books?), organize the garage and have room to park the car inside the garage! Of course, this is a huge project that the old me would have wanted/tried to accomplish overnight. But as I’ve gotten older and met new challenges, I’ve been forced to learn the lesson of pacing myself.

So last week, I reorganized the kitchen pantry and installed another shelf in the top of the hall closet. Today, I tackled a kitchen drawer that never wanted to close all the way and was always driving me nuts when I needed anything from it — the drawer filled with ziploc bags of all sizes, foil, parchment paper, etc. It’s now beautifully organized and accessible. And extra supplies (what I like to call our home Costco) are stashed away at the top of the pantry with a note taped inside the cupboard door listing quantities (you know, should we ever run out again).

There’s still plenty more to organize, even in the kitchen. But today I got a little bit closer to my goal and made our daily life just a little bit easier going forward. And that is cause enough to be #OneGoodThing.

Day 26 of 366.

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