31 Days of #OneGoodThing

#OneGoodThingOn January 1st, I started a new project on this blog and in my life, which I called #OneGoodThing. My goal was to focus on and create more positivity in my life.

So far so good. Sure, there were some days where I thought, ‘what the hell am I going to write about today?’ But I’ve now completed the first month, and the project feels less daunting already. This project has also been a good way to jumpstart my writing.

Here’s a compilation of the first 31 days of this journey. Thank you for joining me.

Day 1 — Jan. 1st: Starting the journey to find #OneGoodThing every day!

Day 2 — Jan. 2nd: Everyday sweetness from the Lil’ Nosy Parker

Day 3 — Jan. 3rd: Satisfaction of organizing

Day 4 — Jan. 4th: Instant warmth and comfort

Day 5 — Jan. 5th: Not just phoning it in

Day 6 — Jan. 6th: Volunteer Paperwhites outside my window

Day 7 — Jan. 7th: Fire and 5 layers no longer needed

Day 8 — Jan. 8th: Mama’s hand to hold

Day 9 — Jan. 9th: Helping a friend

Day 10 — Jan. 10th: The glory of being pinned down by the dog

Day 11 — Jan. 11th: Nightmares to gems

Day 12 — Jan. 12th: The mealtime trifecta

Day 13 — Jan. 13th: A Giggle on the Telly

Day 14 — Jan. 14th: Lunch with a New Friend

Day 15 — Jan. 15th: More family is always a good thing

Day 16 — Jan. 16th: Apricot chocolate chip cookies

Day 17 — Jan. 17th: Reorganizing the pantry

Day 18 — Jan. 18th: Doing for others

Day 19 — Jan. 19th: First smile of the day

Day 20 — Jan. 20th: An energetically bright spirit

Day 21 — Jan. 21st: Be light in an often dim world

Day 22 — Jan. 22nd: Above and beyond

Day 23 — Jan. 23rd: Skating on a Saturday

Day 24 — Jan. 24th: Abby’s Newest Friends

Day 25 — Jan. 25th: A Lucky Find

Day 26 — Jan. 26th: Pacing on a Project

Day 27 — Jan. 27th: Branch lights over my bed

Day 28 — Jan. 28th: The sweetness of friends

Day 29 — Jan. 29th: Abby starts rehab

Day 30 — Jan. 30th: Inclusiveness of video chat

Day 31 — Jan. 31st: Excitement of anticipation

And here’s to the next 335 days!

Bonus: check out AbbyTheBoston on Instagram for daily photos of the Lil’ Nosy Parker!

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