Blossoms make a late-night appearance 

plum tree blossomsToday’s first candidate for #OneGoodThing was completing the installation of shelves in the top of our hall closet. I’d been waiting for a final part part to arrive, and then it all sat on the dining room table for a while waiting for me to steel myself up for the project. I was determined that today would be the day! I’m still rearranging a bit to find the best use of space, but at least the “build” part is now done. But it didn’t really feel done enough to share a photo.

The day’s next contender for #OneGoodThing was a lovely bubble bath. I always love a good soak. I even wrote the draft of that post. But then Abby had to go out and do her business.

And that’s when I discovered that our glorious plum tree has begun to blossom. When the motion light came on, I noticed these lovely white blossoms and they brightened my whole day.

Today’s #OneGoodThing was blossoms on the plum tree!

Day 46 of 366.

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  1. Is that snow near you? Looks like light snow falling but your tree is blossoming so I was confused! Hehe… I need to take a good bubble bath soon, too. Have not done that in too long!!


    • Nope, no snow here Shannon! We’re in Santa Rosa, which is just an hour north of San Francisco. Just the lighting and the blossoms, but I can totally see how it looks like snow. The closest we got was a big frost about a month ago. We’ve had a surprising heat wave this past week. I think it’s what triggered all the blossoms!!! 😎

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