The awesomeness of reunion

Marti, Mama and Me

Marti, Mama and Me

Today we had a wonderful reunion with our dear friend Marti. Though it had been more than 15 years since we’d seen each other, it felt like just yesterday.

Marti and her family were part of my extended family my entire childhood. Mama and she became friends through our synagogue when I was little. Marti offered to take care of me when I was sick and my mother had to work (this was before Marti’s wonderful teaching career). I spent a LOT of time with Marti and she was like another mother to me. I was good friends with her kids, especially her oldest who was one of my best friends. As an only child, Marti’s kids were my closest experience to siblings. I’ve got great memories of fort building and swim lessons with them. I spent summers with them, plus after school, and our families became very close and celebrated holidays together. It broke my heart that we lost touch and I was so thrilled to be reunited! To say I missed her would be an understatement.

Reuniting with Marti was so much #OneGoodThing that words cannot even begin to explain the awesomeness of it.

Day 48 of 366.

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