Making progress in the right direction

Abby, my bedside nurse, wedged into my armpit

Abby, my bedside nurse, wedged into my armpit

This week has been the hardest week yet for #OneGoodThing. That’s in no small part because I haven’t been feeling well. I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that was causing malabsorption among other unpleasantries. I’ve been getting Vitamin B12 injections weekly, but really only getting worse.

The last two days were especially difficult. I was barely able to move and I was nearly admitted to the hospital. As Athena suggested, NOT getting admitted was really my #OneGoodThing these last few days. So it is no small thing when I tell you that today I am finally feeling incrementally better. My throat is super sore after yesterday’s endoscopy, but I’m very relieved to finally be getting some answers. This a long journey, nowhere close to over, but making progress in the right direction is today’s #OneGoodThing.

Day 57 of 366.

P.S. Writing about and focusing on #OneGoodThing each day has done wonders to help me through this medical challenge. Thank you for reading and sharing your support and your own stories.

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