Helpful new trick

Boo Boo Buddy ice packs

Boo Boo Buddy ice packs (penguin and ladybug)

I sat next to a nurse at a Passover seder over the weekend; and when she learned I was struggling with stabbing myself with a needle, she offered me some tips. The best tip was suggesting I use ice to numb my thigh before giving myself my B12 injections.

I thought ice would be too messy — and possibly too cold. Enter my Boo Boo Buddy ice packs. I’ve had these little guys for years. I’ve found they’re the perfect size to ice my temples/eyes during a migraine. The Boo Boo Buddies are meant for kids (hence the cute shapes), but they’re awesome so I see no need to limit their use. We keep these guys in the freezer ready to go.

I iced my thigh with the Boo Boo Buddy and barely even felt the 1.5″ long needle. This helpful new trick was almost magic-like — and certainly today’s #OneGoodThing.

Day 117 of 366.

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