The 20th toe and self-care Sunday 


The 20th toe

Years ago, I started setting aside time every Sunday for self care at home. I found it was a good way to prepare myself for the coming week and feel good too.

Self-care Sunday activities can include mani/pedi, facial, brow shaping, exfoliation, hair masks, bubble bath… essentially any nice spa-like treatment one can replicate at home. Self-care Sunday can last anywhere from a few minutes to as long as needed to properly relax. It was a tradition I was happy to share with my dear Mama when I became her caregiver.

For today’s self-care Sunday, I finished painting the 20th toe (here’s the other 19), and we did face masks. I failed to accomplish most of what I wanted to do today because my body had other plans, namely fighting a kidney infection.

But today’s #OneGoodThing was repainting the 20th toe as part of self-care Sunday!

Day 143 of 366.

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments. I love to hear from you!

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