Classing up my daily jab

IMG_5785I’ve been giving myself daily injections of Vitamin B12 for several weeks now.

I’ve established a routine to give myself these injections. I guess I’m not really over my lifelong needle phobia yet, just facing it head on each day. A routine helps me get through it. That and reminding myself that this is necessary for me to live. That helps too.

IMG_5790But my routine was still very medical, which seemed to build it up to more of a thing. Each day I’d open the various prescription bottles for the B12 and the two needles (a short one for drawing, a longer one for injecting); and I would fish the band-aids, alcohol swabs and gauze out of a ziploc. So as of today, I moved all of my supplies into one of the gorgeous cosmetic bags I received from my friend Lauren earlier this week. I know it sounds crazy, but this somehow helps to normalize the injections for me. All I need is this great little kit — which even separates the two sizes of needles for me — and my mini ice pack for numbing!

Why is this so important? Well, despite some recent setbacks, the daily injections have been helping to repair the damage to my nervous system (caused by severe B12 deficiency due to autoimmune pernicious anemia). Fingers crossed the damage can all be reversed with enough B12, time and physical therapy.

Today’s #OneGoodThing was organizing my injection supplies into a beautiful bag that I love and that helps me feel better about being a pincushion!

Day 156 of 366.

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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