Abby’s favorite Italian treats

Abby LOVES gelato!!!

Abby LOVES gelato!!!

When I started writing about #OneGoodThing each day in January, I had no idea this year would be so rough. I had no clue that I’d have to say goodbye to my baby.

Today Abby took a turn for the worse. Her eyeball ruptured. Yep, again — but now she isn’t strong enough for surgery. We thought it would be the brain cancer, seizures or liver failure that took her from us; we didn’t realize it would be her eye troubles.

Her doctor let us know that she was stable enough to enjoy one last night at home with us, but tomorrow we’ll have to put her to sleep. This absolutely kills me. Abby is the sweetest little being you could ever meet and my soul mate in canine form. She has comforted us through some of life’s most difficult challenges. Abby is the CCO (Chief Comforting Officer) of the Nosy Parker family!

Abby loves to cuddle like an actual baby

Abby loves to cuddle like an actual baby

We wanted to make her last night special with all of her favorite treats. Because of her chronic GI issues, she hasn’t had them in a long while. Instead of kibble with a little chicken tonight, our girl dined on pepperoni pizza and vanilla gelato (and yes, these are favorites she discovered on our trip to Venice, Italy). Seeing Abby’s enjoyment at these special treats warmed our weeping hearts.

Realizing that our time with Abby has run out makes for a shitty day, so today’s #OneGoodThing is Abby enjoying her favorite Italian treats once again.

Day 293 of 366.

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Just reading this and thinking of your pain makes my heart break for you and the family. We love Miss Bug Eyes and will miss her sweet and loving spirit. I am sending you love and support.

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  2. I’m sadden to read this. I’ve been praying for more time. But if takes her out of suffering…then what can I say. I’ll miss that little soul. I’ve never lost a pet so I’ll say sorry & hope time will help u both to heal. Sounds like I’ll need to come back up sooner than later.

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