Grateful for every moment together

Just a few of my favorite photos of Abby through the years

A few favorite photos of Abby through the years

Abby is gone. Last night we had to say goodbye to my baby, my canine soul mate and best friend.

Abby was adopted into our family nearly seven years ago. She has made every single day, every minute better.

Abby’s last day was spent in her most favorite activity: cuddling — plus a little walk to experience grass and a gentle breeze. She enjoyed all her favorite treats in her last days, including her giant bone, vanilla gelato, pepperoni and tons of chicken.

Abby died peacefully in our arms at home, surrounded by rose petals and those who loved her.

Mama and I held an end-of-life ceremony while I cradled her. We cried, thanked her for the special role she’s played in our lives, reminded her of how much she has meant to each of us and said our goodbyes. It was one of the worst days of my life. My baby is gone. The only possible #OneGoodThing is celebrating the thousands of days we had together.

Day 295 of 366. (Posted the next morning due to extreme grief.)

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Abby, please share your memories of her in the comments. We would love to hear from you. And if you haven’t met this special soul in person, we hope her daily photos and adventure stories have brightened your days.

***Many thanks to all of you who’ve sent kind messages of love and support to me and Mama during this difficult time. Special thanks to Wonder Dog Rescue and Ilana Minkoff for connecting us with our beloved Abby. Special thanks to our dear friend Lisa for the fragrant rose petals. Special thanks to our neighbors Lili and Phil for letting us visit their grass since we don’t have any. And special thanks to our wonderful vet, Dr. Kelley Hays, and the sweetest vet tech and major Abby fan, Cat, for coming to our home and helping make Abby’s passage a sacred and special time filled with love.***


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  1. We love Abby so much. Our best memory was the moment Elan met Abby and became a dog fan. It was because of her specialness and love that we got our furbaby Yofi. We will miss her sweetness, her bug eyes, and most of all the love and comfort she brought you and Mama. I am so sorry you had to go through this. I am grateful she is not in pain and that she had you both.

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  2. Abby was an unending source of unconditional love to all she met. She will be sorely missed but never forgotten. Wishing you both strength and healing from this loss.

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  3. No one in my surroundings nor family has a dog, so for me it’s something a little unusual, however, when I met Abby on my one-day-stop he seemed so friendly, and after trying to hold onto my knees with his front legs, he proceeded soon thereafter licking me, which means – I guess – I was fully accepted as part of the trio fun club.
    He seemed really friendly and fun throughout the day and night(!) on the couch and kept climbing in me.
    A lovely friendly creature which I sadly could only follow through social media.
    He was a perfect match to mum and Gabriana who are of the most wonderful people I’ve had the privilege to meet.
    My heart is with you in this difficult time.

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