A cool washcloth from Mama

#OneGoodThingYou might have noticed I missed posting my #OneGoodThing yesterday. I was too busy with my accidental exorcist impression.

A terrible pain flare-up day prompted me to take a pain killer, which did not sit well with me at all. It was not a great day. But as I lay crumpled on the bathroom floor, Mama came in to check on me and brought a cool washcloth. I croaked up at her that she was my #OneGoodThing. Even at the worst moment in the day, I tried to find some good.

Yesterday’s #OneGoodThing was Mama bringing me a cool washcloth during my misery. Thank you Mama!

Day 312 of 366.

4 replies

    • Sadly I threw out my back again during the intense vomiting and uncomfortable position on the bathroom floor. But at least I’ve finally stopped throwing up and my head is a little better. But thanks for the well wishes Alyssa! I hope you’re feeling better too!!!



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