A lost day

#OneGoodThingI missed yesterday’s post. In fact, I missed most all of yesterday.

I woke up with a migraine that felt like an explosion behind my right eye. The piercing, throbbing pain made it difficult to talk, move or even think.

I was miserable, but determined to find #OneGoodThing anyway. So I counted the good things in my day: a quiet, dark room; the soft ice pack against my head; the hot water bottle on my feet; Mama with a glass of cold ginger ale and toast. I was grateful for all of these.

Even bothering to try to find #OneGoodThing on such a lost day as yesterday has to be yesterday’s #OneGoodThing. It seems the whole point of writing my blog is working for me. Even on shitty days, I’m now actively looking for the good.

Day 333 of 366.

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    • Yes, hell on earth is a good way to describe it, Yvonne. I’ve had chronic severe migraines for several years now. They’ve been very slightly less frequent in the last few months with my regular B12 injections, but sometimes they are so bad that I literally cannot move and nothing seems to help. Those days are rough. I truly hope you never experience a migraine!

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