Abby’s paw print in stone

Abby's memorial stone and tiny sculptures

Abby’s memorial stone and tiny sculptures

Though we had to say goodbye to our beloved Abby, she holds a permanent place in our hearts. And now she’s left another permanent mark in the world.

Today we picked up a beautiful stone etching of Abby’s paw print. When we chose the stone a couple weeks ago, our grief was palpable. Paisley came with us today, and the artist could see our joy sparked once again. I think Abby would be so pleased; it felt very full circle that Paisley was with us to pick up Abby’s stone.

Today’s #OneGoodThing is this stunning memorial stone in honor of our dear Abby. Never forgotten. Always part of the family. Thank you to Lost Creek Etching for creating this treasure!

Day 347 of 366.

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!


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