Why I must continue

Focus on Possibilities, Not ProblemsFor the past year I’ve written about #OneGoodThing every single day. It wasn’t easy; it was a great challenge — both in daily writing and in positive thinking.

There were plenty of nights that I turned to Mama and said ‘what the hell should I write about today?’ And then there were days when I had multiple good things in the day from which to choose. Ultimately, it feels like I’ve slowly rewired my brain to search out the silver linings in any given situation.

It’s been a process, but it doesn’t feel done. When I looked back over the 366 good things I wrote about in 2016, I still remember what I else I went through that day to find some bit of good. I hope that by the end of 2017, I can further the process and focus more on possibilities.

Daily DeclarationMy self-imposed guidelines for my first year were that I had to post each day by midnight and that I would avoid repetition. I found a variety of good things within food, style, art, health, friends and more. Some of my favorite posts were about bringing a smile to someone else. This year, I’ll continue those same guidelines, and I intend to include some new ones. For example, I hope to share a book I’m reading at least once a month. I plan to share a fellow blogger I find inspiration each week. I also pledge to make mitzvot (good deeds for others) a regular part of #OneGoodThing. Essentially, I intend to make more good things happen, rather than just notice something good.

Today’s #OneGoodThing is beginning another year of #OneGoodThing. Many thanks to my loyal readers who’ve been following my journey. YOUR comments help keep me going each day!

Day 1 of 365. Happy New Year!

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These are the top 10 most popular Nosy Parker blog posts (by views) during 2016:

  1. Sharing our B12 stories makes us all feel less alone
  2. Not just a vitamin — Raising B12 awareness
  3. DIY Easy & Inexpensive Cupcake Stand
  4. Bringing our baby home
  5. At age 33 I learned why I’d been sick all my life
  6. Our beloved Campiello del Remer
  7. A movie about a nurse who could save your life
  8. How physical therapy has helped my B12 deficiency
  9. Incredible Resources for B12 Deficiency
  10. Introducing Paisley
  11. Grateful for every moment together

Since two of these posts (#3 and #6) were not actually written/published in 2016 and were not part of my #OneGoodThing project, I thought I’d share the 11th most read blog post of the year as well. It’s about having to say goodbye to our sweet Abby.


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  1. Dear Gabriana,

    I’m so glad you are continuing your blog. It has become a regular part of my day and I was going to miss it.

    I love the quote for the day, “When you focus on problems, you’ll have more problems. When you focus on possibilities, You’ll have more opportunities.”

    Happy New Year to you and your mom.


    More Diane >

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