My ladybug Buzzy buddy

Ladybug BuzzyAs a lifelong needle phobic, having to give myself a daily injection has been a real challenge.

The very best trick I’ve found to reduce the pain is to use a Buzzy. It’s this wonderful little device that vibrates and has attachable ice-pack wings. The combination of the cold and the vibration trick your brain into not feeling the needle (as much). This little buddy of mine is the best thing to happen to my daily injection routine — more than the song I play each time, or the boo-boo buddy ice pack I use to get a deep numbing, and even more than the beautiful and handy kit I put together.

When I began self-injecting daily in April, my hands used to shake (which only makes pushing a needle through one’s own skin more difficult). It’s been a learning process, but it is leaps and bounds easier with my Buzzy — and that’s today’s #OneGoodThing.

Day 14 of 365.

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    • It’s rough. The scar tissue has built up a lot in both thighs. Though I’ve got plenty of surface area there, it’s all bruised. I tried injecting in my bum for a while, but it hurts my back to twist around like that (even with a mirror). Got any tips for breaking down scar tissue?


      • Absolutely none, unfortunately. If I lived near you, I’d be able to help with rotating the shots to your glutei maximi. (I had to look up the plural of that!)

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