Amazing, inspiring kids

Host Steve Harvey and Sparsh on Little Big Shots

Tonight Mama and I were deeply inspired by the amazing kids on “Little Big Shots.”

A lot of gifted kids were featured tonight, including a 3-year-old singing “The Little Mermaid” with feeling, and a 7-year-old wrestling champion named Angelina who showed off her muscles and wrestled 3 boys, and a group called Le Petit Cirque who performed a stellar contortionist acrobatic routine.

But tonight’s favorite had to be Sparsh who writes and performs his own music. Sparsh has a beautiful voice, and an even more beautiful spirit. He radiates positivity despite living with brittle bone disease and more than 125 fractures. His message: “Why waste your life in sadness when you can enjoy a life of happiness?”

Angelina showing off her muscles

Today’s #OneGoodThing was feeling inspired and amazed by the kids of Little Big Shots.

Day 85 of 365. (And, day 451 in a row!)

1 year ago today: Popcorn and Swedish Fish

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please comment below!

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