Surviving the heat wave

Yesterday was about survival. A massive, record-breaking heat wave of 106° took us down. It was rough. That’s also why this post is late; I was too wiped out from the heat and from monitoring Mama‘s condition to post this yesterday.

Saturday night we realized that our normally, naturally cool house was no match for the punishing heat. We started researching portable air conditioners; and the moment stores opened on Sunday morning, we began calling around to find one. Every store was sold out already!

Finally, we found one last one available at a store about an hour away. I offered to pay over the phone to secure it, but they agreed to hold it for us when I explained that we had a disabled senior at home in need. This AC was the very last one; and I’m sure that if Natasha and David at the service desk had not hidden it away for us, it would have been gone! We rushed there and our relief was palpable. Mama even hugged Natasha!

Florida Water and our new AC!

There’s no doubt in my mind that this AC saved our lives yesterday. When we set it up in our living room, the thermostat on it read 87° inside!!! Without it, I’m sure we would have ended up in Emergency. I am so deeply grateful for this AC and for the people who helped us secure it and get it into our tiny car! Mama, Paisley and I all slept in the living room crowded around the AC. We’ll all be camping out in the cool living room until the heat wave breaks (hopefully this week!).

Of course, the AC isn’t the only heat precaution we took. We picked up a cooling mat for Paisley to sprawl on and a cooling bandana that wraps around her neck to keep her from overheating. And we’ve been using cold compresses on ourselves as well, but with refreshing Florida Water mixed in to cool us down (an old cool down remedy from our days at Burning Man). Lastly, lots of fluids and rest!

Surviving the heat wave was yesterday’s #OneGoodThing! I hope you manage to stay cool as well!

Day 169 of 365. And Day 535 in a row!

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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