Summer brightening announcement

Alyssa and Me (a few years ago)

This afternoon I received a text message from one of my very best friends that she’s coming to visit me next month!!!!

Alyssa has been one of my besties since we were 18 — which means we’ve known each for about half of our lives. We lived in Israel together and went to college together, but now we live at the opposite ends of California and don’t get to see each other very often. She is one of those truly special people who I consider part of my squad, like a sister. She even calls Mama, Mama Jude. She’s got my back, she gets me, she loves me. And vice versa. It’s soul affirming to spend time together and I am so beyond excited to see her in just a few weeks!!!

Today’s #OneGoodThing was finding out that my bestie Alyssa will be driving all the way up north with her sweet husband to visit us! Woohoo!!!! That text message literally made my summer! And it couldn’t have come on a more needed day with all this miserable heat and chronic health issues.

Day 171 of 365. And Day 535 in a row!

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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