Mama’s birthday beignets

In line with our newest birthday tradition, I took Mama out for beignets at The Parish Cafe in Healdsburg today. They were messy and so delicious!

Afterward, we spent some time exploring the cute town of Healdsburg, packed with delightful galleries, cafes, and shops. Mama enjoyed finding a new yarn shop, and then we went to a nearby winery to continue our treasure hunt for Patrick Amiot junk art. This wine goddess sculpture was huge and gloriously colorful!

By the time we finished enjoying the art, we were hungry again. With the help of Yelp, we discovered a cool burger joint called Healdsburger. Everyone was so friendly and the food was great!

Today’s #OneGoodThing was a lovely day spent in Healdsburg continuing Mama’s birthday celebrations!

Day 279 of 365. And Day 645 in a row!

1 year ago today: Bringing our baby home

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!



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