Being able to help

Tonight we got to surprise a Santa Rosa firestorm survivor we didn’t know with a care package.

This afternoon I called a local glass company to set up a quote, and a kind young woman named Lexi answered all of my questions and went out of her way to help me. We were commiserating on how it had suddenly gotten so cold that we all needed piles of blankets. I told her about our beloved hot water bottles. Almost in passing, she mentioned being displaced by the fires. I asked her more and learned that she’d lost her home in the Coffey Park neighborhood. I was heartbroken for her and told her we’d keep her in our prayers.

I called her back a few minutes later and told her we’d found an extra hot water bottle and that we’d like to give it to her. We invited her to stop by on her way home. I immediately set out to create a care package. We had no idea what she had or needed, but we included four blankets, sweet and salty snacks, cosmetics, hand warmers, and a journal.

Happy Halloween from our little Wonder Woman Paisley

Lexi was very surprised when she got to our door. She thought she was getting just a hot water bottle! She told us of her harrowing firestorm story and how she ended up losing nearly everything. Lexi drove into the fires to try to find her cat, who sadly didn’t make it. We all hugged and we thanked her for sharing her story with us.

It felt good to be able to do something. Mama and I have felt helpless during these fires. We wanted so much to help, but weren’t sure what we could do. We donated money to fire recovery funds, but we wanted to do more. Tonight we had the honor of helping a fire survivor in some small, tangible way. And that is today’s #OneGoodThing.

Day 304 of 365. And Day 670 in a row!

1 year ago today: Happy Halloween from my little bee

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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