Pet door solution

Pet Door Guys Through Glass Doggy Door

Today I solved a problem that’s been plaguing us for years: the pet door insert!

Though it gave us freedom from being our dog’s doorman, it also made our house freezing cold and narrowed the opening of our sliding glass door. This narrowing has been especially dangerous for Mama because the insert makes the railing we installed less accessible.

I’ve spent ages researching other options to no avail. Our cozy home has no available exterior wall space to put a traditional dog door. I tried. Luckily, I stopped short of actually making a hole in the wall — but barely. I’ve looked into in-glass pet doors previously, but they’ve always been massively expensive.

As we’re now into the cold and rainy season again, concerns about a repeat of last winter’s sickness prompted me to resume my research. Most through-the-glass dog doors use the same high-quality Endura Pet Door, but the prices and shipping costs vary widely. The Pet Door Store beats the competition on the door cost and offers free shipping (a $100+ value).

Pet Door Guys Before/After Photos

My other challenge was finding a local glass professional who would install the pre-manufactured glass piece into our existing door frame. Some companies would only install a product they ordered, which made the entire project too expensive. We met with a nice guy today whose quote showed us that some others had been trying to take advantage of us.

Today’s #OneGoodThing was the relief at finding a better solution for our dog door problem. We’re all very excited and we promise to share photos when it arrives next month! Also, thank you to our friends and family who sent us recommendations!

Day 321 of 365. And Day 687 in a row!

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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