Warm beds all night long

Would you rather freeze your ass off or share your home with mice? If you asked us during the last two months, we would have sheepishly admitted how cold we were.

Mice invaded our home this fall, but we think we’ve finally got the upper hand after closing all the heater vents. The mice used them as convenient highways around/under our house. Since we don’t want to smell heated mouse shit, we haven’t been able to use the heater. We still don’t know how to get rid of it. Any suggestions?

In the meantime, it’s gotten so icy in our house that we’ve been using hot water bottles under piles of blankets, warm clothes and slipper socks, crackling fires and a space heater. We even researched a new dog door to reduce the cold air entering. But we were still shivering. I dug out our old warming blankets from the garage, but they no longer worked (even after following the company’s troubleshooting).

Mama’s cloud-like bed with Platypus

Mama and I finally broke down and took a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond. We went wild with coupons and got new sheets — fleece for Mama and flannel for me. Then we picked out super soft and plush warming blankets for our beds, and they are so toasty. We love them and have slept much better now that we’re finally warmed all night long. Mama says sleeping in her bed is like being hugged by a cloud! Today’s #OneGoodThing was waking up warm and cozy!

Day 335 of 365. And Day 701 in a row!

Thanks to Ellen for these exciting tickets!

Thanks to Ellen for these exciting tickets!

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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    • Yes, Paisley loves the warm beds! She is big into blanket burrowing so she is still figuring out that it is warmer UNDER the warming blanket, but she’ll get there. She has figured out running between our rooms and leaping gracefully onto each of our beds. She likes to go back and forth and make a mess of each bed before settling down. It’s pretty adorable!

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  1. You know that mice can get through a hole the size of a pencil, don’t you? You need to cover your vents with metal gauze with holes no more than about 3 mm in diameter. Then sweep/vacuum all the droppings you can find. Mice instinctively go around the walls of a room, so that’s where to look. There are humane traps that catch mice without killing them, so put a few of those round the house in areas that you think they may be. Trouble is, you then have to take the traps outside, far away from your house, to release the critters.


    • Thanks for the tips, Bert. The mice aren’t really a problem INSIDE the house at the moment. We’ve got traps everywhere and closing the heating vents helped a lot. The problem is that inside the heating ducts under the house where we can’t access is now littered with mouse shit. We have no idea how to clean this out from the inaccessible heating. And we’re afraid to turn on the heating because we don’t want to smell heated mouse shit. And because we’d have to reopen the heating vents and we’re afraid that would allow the mice easier access once again.



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