Tasty liquids for Mama

Sadly, Mama has caught the cold/flu I had last week. It breaks my heart to see her so miserable and not be able to do much.

I’ve got her on a rotation of DayQuill and NyQuill, plus Elderberry cough syrup, Vicks rub, nasal inhaler, and tea with honey and lemon. I’ve even busted out our home nebulizer breathing machine, which helped some.

Mama hasn’t had much appetite so I went on a mission to get her favorite citrus juice and several soup options at our local Trader Joe’s. The store was a bit of a zoo today, which wasn’t surprising, since we’re mid holiday season (and Santa Rosa is down to one TJs after the big fires damaged our regular store). But it was worth the traffic and the headache because Mama was so happy to have tangerine juice and she ate a whole bowl of soup!

Today’s #OneGoodThing is loading up on liquid sustenance for Mama! Also, I am massively grateful to be far enough along in my cold/flu that I could go to the store and take good care of Mama. This is one nasty bug going around this season. Please share your best cold/flu remedies in the comments! Also, what do you eat when you’re sick? I’m sure we’ll be tired of soup soon. Thanks!

Day 362 of 365. And Day 728 in a row!

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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  1. When Elan is sick he craves greasy/cheesy food. He also does coke and orange juice which he says he really helps his throat. I use a lot of tea with lemon and honey (echinacea and throat coat). Sometimes just got water with honey. I have also tried different homeopathic supplements and I feel like it depends on how much you believe they will help for them to be effective.
    Probably not safe but when I get sick I end coughing a lot and will fall asleep with a cough drop in my mouth (it always happens when just when I fall asleep I will start to cough uncontrollably). Oddly enough hot chocolate seems to ease a sore throat. For food I’m partial to grilled cheese with tomato soup with corn (Trader Joe’s creamy tomato).

    I hope the cold/flu leaves your house soon!l so you can both be on the mend

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  2. Oh no.  Gargling with apple cider vinegar helps my sore throat.  Breaks up the mucus also.  TJ carries an organic unfiltered version, similar to Braggs.  I tried heated TJ wassail but it was too spicy.    

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