Across the Grand Canal

This is where we lived in Venice for the month, shown from across the Grand Canal. We lived in the ground floor apartment of the red building in the middle of the photo to the right. We are standing along the Grand Canal between the outdoor fish/fruit/veg market and the […]

An Ornate Gondola

Gondolas in Venice feature a wide array of decoration. Here’s a photo of one of the more ornate ones we saw. These were regularly parked on a canal we crossed over regularly to get to the Strada Nuova (a lovely main strip filled with restaurants, cafes, shops, gelato, pharmacy, grocery […]

Swimming on Lido

Early in our trip, we went swimming on Lido, a larger one of the many islands that comprise Venice in northern Italy. Venice Lido (Lido di Venezia) is an 11 km long sandbar on the Adriatic Sea. The Lido is also home to the Venice Film Festival. We took the […]

Where’s Mama Jude?

Ok, Venetophiles out there… where in Venezia is Mama Jude enjoying a coffee in this picture? Hint: We were taking a walk when I turned around and snapped this shot of Mama Jude by a gate next to a famous restaurant. Post in the comments where you think we are!

A Return to Venice

This was the scene that greeted me upon returning to Venice after spending a short weekend in nearby Verona (part way through our special trip). It was a beautiful return to Venice, which made me fall in love with the city all over again, and I hope to return again […]

A Frenzy, Then a Pause

Perhaps you noticed several Nosy Parker Blog posts in a row followed by a small silence… one night when I couldn’t sleep in Venice, I wrote 10 drafts that had been mulling around my brain. Then it was Mama’s birthday and then we traveled home! Not to worry though as […]