Music to Motivate

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‘How are you doing all that? What time are you getting up?’ That was one of my close friend’s reaction to my new 30 Days to 30 morning routine. On the grand scale, I’ve got a big looming birthday to motivate me, but feeling inspired each day is more difficult to maintain (particularly if you’re not a morning person).

That’s when I find music helps… music for my feet, I called it as a kid. It’s not just me. Studies have shown that music can motivate you to exercise and disassociate from feelings of fatigue. In fact, picking out your motivational playlist with friends can be fun too (creating a career motivational playlist was part of a great live career coaching session in CareerHMO).

Inspiration is best sought all over and in great quantity, I find. On that note, I’ll share with you my current playlist of favorite tunes to get moving and feeling good and I hope you’ll share a favorite of yours with me in the comments.

Song ― Artist

Nosy Parker reader favorites/suggestions welcome in the comments!  

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