Cancer Caregiver


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged… months since I’ve written much of anything personal at all. We disappeared shortly after our wonderful trip to Los Angeles — where we […]

Fractured Lives

It’s been a little more than 2 years now since my Mama was diagnosed with brain cancer and I became an instant caregiver. The ripple effect on our previously independent lives is dramatic and deeply felt every day. Last year, when we learned that her extremely rare brain cancer is […]

The Waiting Continues

Mama’s latest MRI this week was inconclusive — virtually no change (just about 1 mm growth). So now the long wait continues. The next MRI is in 6 weeks. At that time, we hope the damaged area will shrink. Mama has decided to add a short dose of steroids to […]

The Wait

The wait is painful. And that’s really just about all we can do at this point. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve researched the crap out of Mama’s extremely rare brain cancer, asked plenty of questions and sought answers from multiple sources. There just aren’t any. Not yet. We are grateful […]