It Rains on Wednesdays…

A Rainy Wednesday in Venice

Except this week! All four Wednesdays we’ve had the pleasure to be in Venice, it has rained in the afternoon and evening. We’ve even taken to joking that if it is raining, it must be Wednesday. That was all flipped around this week though when it went beyond pouring and we experienced a frightening storm on Monday!

A storm I happen to get caught out during! Here’s the story…

Why was I venturing out even thought the sky looked like it would open up and consume me? Well, for Abby of course! Prior to leaving, I filled a wonderful pet food travel container with bowls with Abby’s kibble (plus a ziploc in my carry-on in case our luggage was lost, which it was not so thank you Lufthansa). Perhaps my kibble calculations went awry because on Monday it became apparent that Abby would run out of kibble in the next day or two! Luckily, I’d noticed two dog shops on my adventures in the city (and I had Maggie in Venice‘s find as a backup). Surprisingly, both dog shops seemed to double as a shoe repair shop. I have no idea how these seemingly unrelated items pair, but I’ve seen it 3 times now so it seems to be a common Italian pairing!

The dog shop’s window display

I was able to find some great kibble and a treat for Abby, which she loved much more than the new kibble. Better still, the sweet old man at the dog shop fixed Mama Jude’s cane! While she was hurrying along, one of the three feet came off and was lost. Mama stayed home while I went in search of a way to fix it. My plan was to go to the hardware store after the dog store, but the man in the dog store saw the broken, folded cane on the counter and he fixed it! He and the cane disappeared for a few minutes, and then he was back with a new little foot and he fixed it all up and wouldn’t even let me pay him! I guess it turned out especially handy that the dog shop is also a shoe repair. I was so grateful! And yes, I got one of those hilariously adorable gondoliers’ hats for Abby and one for her cousin Yofi back home. While out walking the next day, Mama Jude came and thanked the sweet man for fixing her cane too.

After such major success at the dog shop, I was on my way home when suddenly the sky opened up. I had about 10 seconds warning or so with thunder and lightening, but I was only halfway home. I looked around the little square and found a curious shop where I could hide out from the rain. My mind still boggling from the dog and shoe combo, this store was even more of a mish-mosh, featuring party supplies, arts and crafts items, halloween-like costumes, cheap makeup and cosmetics, photo albums and frames, home and kitchen supplies, small electronics and more. I got so lost in discovering the randomness of it all, I almost forgot the storm! I did manage to find a great Buon Cumpleano (happy birthday) sign and some candles, including one that sings happy birthday in Italian. It is Mama Jude’s 70th birthday on Monday and we are planning a little party for Sunday night so I snapped up these couple birthday things and realized I’d better get home as the storm was only getting worse. I got myself all loaded up, including carrying Abby under one arm (even with her rain coat, she’s not a fan of storms), opened up my tiny pink travel umbrella and made a run for it. Luckily I wasn’t too far from home, though I was sopping when I reached it nonetheless. Don’t worry though; I warmed up right away recounting my adventure to Mama Jude and More Diane.

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  1. Loved this blog! I can totally see how a dog supply store pairs up with shoe repair. What a great experience you had with that sweet shop owner! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JUDE!!!!!



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