Anything but a grey day for Grey Matters

GreyMattersFotorOn a sunny May Saturday in San Francisco, about 2,600 people gathered for the Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk through Golden Gate Park. It was an inspiring day that raised $570,000 to find a cure for brain tumors. Our team, Team Grey Matters — which had about 20 members (and 3 dogs!) — raised almost $3,000 and we had a great time! Thank you to everyone who donated — and joined!

It was inspiring to see so many people gather in support of brain research and awareness. One of the hardest parts of fighting brain cancer is feeling alone. This day showed us that we are anything but — thousands gathered whose lives have also been touched and forever altered by brain tumors. Special thanks to everyone who joined Team Grey Matters and walked with us; your support means the world to us. We had a wonderful time sharing that day with you and hope you’ll join us again next year!

Why did I start Team Grey Matters? For my amazing Mama who’s fighting a rare, terminal brain cancer. She was so pleased to join us in the walk, and she was touched to see so many supporters. It brought tears to Mama’s eyes when they called the survivors up and everyone cheered for them.

Personally, it was also very exciting for me to meet a woman and two young guys who’d read this very blog! (Hello!) As a writer, I never know who’s reading; I usually assume it’s Mama and a few friends, so it was nice to meet a reader.

Here’s a video I created about why Grey Matters to me. If you were unable to join us, you can still make a donation to help find a cure for brain tumors. Support Team Grey Matters! We hope you’ll walk with us next year! May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month. Thank you for supporting us and helping raise awareness.

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  1. Hi G – I love reading your blog and keeping in tune with
    you and Jude. You are a wonderful daughter who has a wonderful mother



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